Idris Kadri
Front & Back End Developer & Animator


Automated Video Creator

Languages & Tools: ffmpeg, Java, JavaFX

Ive created a few programs that automatically created video content from a spreadsheet file. These videos are then uploaded to youtube via API daily. The API automatically titles the video, adds descirptions, tags and other meta data found in the original spreadsheet. Youtube Channels: How To Electronics Review Medical Dictionary Yugioh Cards Pokedex     […]

Automated Thumbnail Creator

Languages & Tools: Java, JavaFX

Turns a list of images and text into thumbnails. Mainly used for product images or youtube thumbnails.

Multiple Web Scrapers

Languages & Tools: Java, Selenium

Ive created multiple webpage scrapers for different websites. Each scraper is uniquely customised for the formatting of the website. The data downloaded is then saved in an Excel Spreadsheet Selenium automated browser is used. List of amazon products with link, description, images and other information. The list is over 2 million columns and 14 rows […]

Bulk Youtube Video Downloader

Languages & Tools: Java, Selenium

Downloads all videos from a chosen youtube account or search term. Also exports a CSV with information on titles, channel names and descriptions.

Bulk Instagram Video Downloader

Languages & Tools: Java, Selenium

Downloads all videos from a chosen instagram account. Also exports a CSV with information on hash tags and descriptions.

Auto Job Applier

Languages & Tools: Java, Selenium

Searches for and applies to projects on a certain website automatically. Uses preset proposals, descriptions and budgets. You are able to set the time for the program to run, as well as how many times it will search and apply per day. The program records a log of projects applied to. You can change the […]

CSV to SQL Converter

Languages & Tools: Java, SQL

Converts a CSV to a SQL file ready to be imported into wordpress. This program is specifically for wordpress posts as it uses the same database tables.

Amazon Scraper

Languages & Tools: Java, Jsoup

Two programs: Using an amazon category or search URL, the first program downloads each amazon product link to a text file. The second program parses all the information from each product link, and downloads them to a CSV Spreadsheet file.

Bulk Image Downloader

Languages & Tools: Java

Downloads a list of images from a text file to a specific folder.

Bulk Webpage Cacher

Languages & Tools: Java

2 Programs, The first visits a list of websites from a text document automatically. The second creates html files from php based websites such as wordpress, which in turn creates cached pages. This is mainly used to speed up caching webpages on large websites. Recently used to create cached pages for 1.4 million product pages […]